Selection Of Aluminium Storage Boxes With 12-20-24-54 Container Pots & Lid Parts



If you are a watch collector, you have probably amassed many small items that, at some point, do not know how to store so that they are safe and, above all, you do not loose them. This could be a spare set of hands, crowns, movement parts, screws, pins, etc. etc. These containers with smaller pots will help you keep everything safely stored. Inserts have removable, plexiglass lids. Storage boxes have foam in lid for noise reduction. How to read the sizes: For example 165x135x20mm (12) means that the container measures 165x135mm, its 20mm tall/thick and contains 12 round containers. Using the sizing chart below, the size of the round pots inside the x12 box are 40mm in diameter and 20mm tall.

Pot Sizing:

Pot size in 12-pot box: Ø40 x 20mm
Pot size in 20-pot box: Ø30 x 17mm
Pot size in 24-pot box: Ø25 x 18mm
Pot size in 54-pot box: Ø15 x 20mm

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Available sizes

160x110x20mm (24), 160x110x20mm (54), 165x135x20mm (12), 165x135x20mm (20)




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