Replacement Plexiglass For Gents & Ladies Vintage OMEGA (Swiss) ‘Dynamic’ Watches



These are the correct plexiglasses that will fit the OMEGA ‘Dynamic’ vintage watches from the 1960’s-1970’s. They have an armoured ring and the correct dome and will fit your Dynamic. The Dynamic models are top-loaders and thus the plexi is a very important part of their whole construction. Available diameter sizes are from 29.00mm to 34.60mm so they will fit both the ladies and gents models; you just need to measure the plexi on your watch before you order (some models have small diameter differences depending on their model reference number). Your watchmaker can do that for you if you do not know how to remove your old plexi and measure it yourself. The price is for one plexiglass. As seen in the photos. The watch shown in the photograph is for presentation purposes only. Please note that I do not accept returns for such parts.

Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.

Plexi / Mineral / Sappire Glass

Plexi Glass


29.00mm, 29.10mm, 29.20mm, 29.30mm, 29.40mm, 29.50mm, 29.60mm, 29.70mm, 29.80mm, 29.90mm, 30.00mm, 30.10mm, 30.20mm, 30.30mm, 30.40mm, 30.50mm, 30.60mm, 30.70mm, 30.80mm, 30.90mm, 31.00mm, 31.10mm, 31.20mm, 31.30mm, 31.40mm, 31.50mm, 31.60mm, 31.70mm, 31.80mm, 31.90mm, 32.00mm, 32.10mm, 32.20mm, 32.30mm, 32.40mm, 32.50mm, 32.60mm, 32.70mm, 32.80mm, 32.90mm, 33.00mm, 33.10mm, 33.20mm, 33.30mm, 33.40mm, 33.50mm, 33.60mm, 33.70mm, 33.80mm, 33.90mm, 34.00mm, 34.10mm, 34.20mm, 34.30mm, 34.40mm, 34.50mm, 34.60mm

Will Fit

Ladies’ and Gents’ Omega Dynamic Watches (1960's-1970’s)


High Domed Plexiglass




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