Replacement Plexi For Charles Gigandet Wakmann or Vulcain Watches etc. Triple Date Chronograph Watch


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Even if you do not need one now, you will need one in the future. And even if you do not need one in the future, it is a good idea to keep one with your watch as these plexis are getting harder and harder to find. This is a brand new, high-domed plexi glass for triple-date chronographs branded Charles Giganded or Wakmann or Vulcain, with the well known 39mm case. It will arrive to you in a sealed envelope sleeve. It is THE plexi glass you should use if you want to be able to read your watch’s outer date scale. It is the only plexi glass in the market that will CORRECTLY fit this type of watches which take a specific type of plexi glass. Any other type that can even fit, will show the outer scale distorted. These plexis have an outer diameter of 34.20mm, do not have a step and have an internal height of 2.70mm. In our photos you can see it on a gold-plated Wakmann with Valjoux Cal. 730 that just had one fitted. The listed price is for one plexi glass and does not, of course, include any watch you see in this listing, which is shown for presentation purposes only. Please note that I do not accept returns for such parts so be sure about what you are ordering.

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