Replacement Glass For Vintage DOXA (Swiss) SUB T Series Cushion-Shaped Automatic Dive Watches


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For those of you that know me better, it is no secret how I love and admire vintage DOXA SUBs and I have bought/serviced/sold many of them over the years. A common difficulty I used to encounter, was to find a replacement glass for them. For a while I had a few but since I run out I had to find a solution and therefore organised a production of a few. They will fit vintage DOXAs of the SUB 200-300 T series (Professional, Sharkhunter, Searambler, Divingstar, T-Graph). They will NOT fit no-T cases which take a domed plexi, not a flat glass. I have not yet tried them on the 600/750Ts but I would assume that they would fit the known c-shaped cases. I therefore decided to make these available for people that are either about to service their watch or for those that just want to keep a couple with their watch(es) for a future need. The listed price is for 1 (one) mineral glass. Any watches you see in the photos are for presentation purposes only.

Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have. Please note that I do not accept returns for such parts.

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