Replacement Domed Plexiglass for HEUER Autavia 2446, 2446C & 2446C GMT Chronograph Watch – Size Ø32.90 – Ø33.10mm



A replacement plexiglass crystal for the vintage Heuer Autavia chronographs Ref. 2446, 2446C and Ref. 2446C GMT with compressor cases. This is the correct domed plexi with armoured ring that will fit your watch. Excuse the poor quality photos but I am not a photographer and, trust me, photographing a plexi-glass is not easy! For the 2446 you will usually need the 32.90mm plexiglass and for the compressor cases the 33.10mm plexiglass. Nevertheless, I suggest that you measure your plexi (or have your watchmaker measure it for you) before you order as I do not accept returns for such watch parts.

Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have.

Plexi / Mineral / Sappire Glass

Plexi Glass


Ø32.90mm, Ø33.00mm, Ø33.10mm

Will Fit

HEUER Autavia 2446, 2446C & 2446C GMT Chronograph Watch


Domed Plexiglass




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