Replacement Armoured Plexiglass For 36mm EPSA Cases Super Compressor Vintage Watches



These are the correct plexiglasses that will fit the cases of the 36mm EPSA super compressor vintage watches from the 1960’s-1970’s.

They have the correct shape and dome to allow the inner rotating ring to turn, at the same time keeping the watch waterproof, not that we advise to use such a vintage watch in water! They have an armoured ring. The price is for one plexiglass. Any watches you see in the photos are for presentation purposes only. If you look around my store you will see a few of these super compressors because I like them personally. Most of the 36mm super compressors take a 33.00mm plexi but there are some brands that take a slightly smaller or bigger (32.80mm to 33.60mm) plexi because of their inner ring construction details. Please measure your old plexi carefully before ordering and take note that I do not accept returns for such parts. Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.

Plexi / Mineral / Sappire Glass

Plexi Glass


Ø32.80mm, Ø32.90mm, Ø33.00mm, Ø33.10mm, Ø33.20mm, Ø33.30mm, Ø33.40mm, Ø33.50mm, Ø33.60mm

Will Fit

Cases Of 36mm EPSA Super Compressor Vintage Watches


High Domed Plexiglass




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