Premium BUND Military Army Pilot Wrist Watch Genuine Leather Straps Straight, Flared or With Domed Cover

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Wonderful quality of bund-type military leather straps, these are very popular for smaller vintage watches. They come in 3 sizes (16-18-20mm) and several leather choices and designs, notably the ‘Montana-Grain’ which is a ‘rougher’, more rugged leather, the soft calf leather which comes in a straight design, a ‘flared’ or ‘flapped’ design and lastly, the domed design which comes in a soft dome or a structured dome. The Smooth (both Straight and Flared) models also come in Extra-Long (XL). The soft dome is soft enough to wrap around your watch. The structured one is pre-shaped. Most of these choices come in both stainless steel or gold-plated metalware. Included shipping is with the strap packed in an envelope; given its length it might have to be folded to be able to put it in a normal envelope. Choose from the drop down menu and do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have.

Details on the lengths

Montana: 230mm
Straight & Flared: 230mm (260mm XL)
Soft Domed: 230mm
Structured Domed: 255mm

Black Flared G/P, Black Flared G/P XL, Black Flared S/S, Black Montana S/S, Black Smooth G/P, Black Smooth G/P XL, Black Smooth S/S, Black Smooth S/S XL, Black Soft Dome G/P, Black Soft Dome S/S, Black Structured Dome S/S, Brown Flared G/P, Brown Flared G/P XL, Brown Flared S/S, Brown Flared S/S XL, Brown Smooth G/P, Brown Smooth G/P XL, Brown Smooth S/S, Brown Smooth S/S XL, Brown Soft Dome G/P, Brown Soft Dome S/S, Brown Structured Dome S/S




230mm, 255mm, 260mm XL


Stainless Steel or Gold-Plated


As Per Photos




Premium Italian Calf Leather

Available sizes

16mm, 18mm, 20mm


Free Worldwide


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