OMEGA [Swiss] Professional Store 10 Watch Collector’s Display Case EXTRA LARGE


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For the serious Omega collector, this is an original store display case. It is very big and very heavy, making me believe that it is made of wood, which is dressed with felt inside and leather outside. It measures approximately 38 x 29 x 9.5cm [15 x 11 1/2 x 3 3/4″] and weighs 4kgs [almost 9lbs]. It takes 10 watches.

For a vintage used case I would say the condition is pretty decen and I would personally use it as it is now to be honest. I have not tried to professionally clean the case which, I think if done, it would make the case look even better. The condition of the leather is good. Because of the light brown hue you can see some darker areas especially on the corners and sides. The felt is in very good condition and, again, because of the light colour, you can see some darker areas which I believe would [up to a point at least] become cleaner if washed professionally.

When fully open, the top side swings all the way to the back and ‘rests’ on the same level as the bottom part, thus creating a ‘presentation tray’.  Imagine you are sitting across the table from me, I open the case all the way, I would have the 10 watches on my side and the flat presentation tray on your side. Ingenious system if you ask me!

Style-wise I’d say the case is from the 1960’s. Feel free to ask me for whatever clarifications you might need.

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