‘NAUTILUS’ TPSIV Rubber Quick Release Watch Dive Strap Band 20-22-24mm – 8 Colours



This is a brand new and wonderful strap line. Made from TPSiV which is a class of man-made thermoplastic elastomer of great properties, it comes in 3 sizes (20, 22 and 24mm) and 8 colours (black, blue, brown, clear, green, orange, red and yellow). Handsome dimensions at 95/125mm including the premium satin steel buckle and 3mm thickness at the lugs which thins down to 2mm at the tail. Width-wise it tapers down by 2mm, so 20/18mm, 22/20mm and 24/22mm. Lots of great little details on these straps include the quick-release bars, flaps on the underside of the straps that makes them great for both use in water and for sweat/breathability in hot conditions or when working out, shaped pin holes and double ring keepers that are both floating, for better security and comfort on the wrist. A pair of quick-release bars already comes fitted on each strap. Choose your colour and size and do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have.

Details on the TPSIV material: TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomers combine the strength, toughness and abrasion resistance of any thermoplastic elastomer with the desirable properties of silicone: softness, silky feel, resistance to UV light and chemicals, and outstanding colorability. These unique materials incorporate vulcanized silicone modules in a thermoplastic matrix, but unlike traditional thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), they can be recycled and reused in your manufacturing processes. ADVANTAGES: >Durable: TPSiV® elastomers can be designed to offer outstanding durability – from resistance to abrasion and stains, to UV radiation, chemicals or sweat and sebum. >Non-tacky Feel that Resists Dirt: TPSiV materials contain no plasticizers that can create surface stickiness. Instead, the silicone itself acts as a softening agent. > Exceptional Aesthetics: These materials can be custom colored and deliver long-lasting colorfastness, even with exposure to sweat, oil, UV light and abrasion. >Silky touch: All TPSiV® elastomers provide a unique smooth feel in hardness ranging from Shore A 50 to 80 making them the ideal material to enhance the comfort and fit of wearable devices and ear buds, as well as improve touch for the housings, buttons, battery covers and accessory cases of portable devices. >Proven safety: Testing according to medical protocols, such as USP Chapter 88 and ISO 10993-10 show that TPSiV® elastomers lack cytotoxic potential and are negative for systemic toxicity and irritation potential, underscoring that these are safe for skin-contact in commercial wearable device applications. >Excellent aesthetics: TPSiV® elastomers grades can be precisely color-matched to your specification, and are available with matte or glossy finishes. >Easy processibility: TPSiVs self-adhere to hard plastics to enable unique overmolding options. The extremely silky feel of TPSiV® elastomers does not require additional processing or coating steps. >Expanded manufacturing options: TPSiV® elastomers products can be manufactured using standard thermoplastic manufacturing processes, including overmolding or co-molding with plastic substrates such as polycarbonate, ABS and nylons.

Extra: Try any of my Localtime FKM® straps with quick-release, listed separately in the store. The ‘Traffle-Type’ is shown below as an example.


Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow






Premium Satin Stainless Steel


2, both floating


3mm at lugs , thins down to 2mm at tail


TPSIV Rubber


Quick-Release, Included

Available sizes

20mm, 22mm, 24mm


Free Worldwide


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