MN ‘Marine Nationale’ Military Watch Elastic Bands Straps S/S & Black Metalware 20 & 22mm In 25+ Colours

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These come in 25+ colour combinations and 2 sizes; 20mm and 22mm. They are made of elastic fabric and will wrap around your wrist. When folded, they measure a length of 135mm, including the buckle, which comes in satin stainless steel or satin black stainless steel. If you are not sure how to mount these, I’d be happy to send you some photos I made showing how to mount them on a watch and size them to your wrist. There are also several videos on YouTube which, admittedly are easier to understand than photos! Choose from the drop down menu and do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have.

How to mount and size your MN strap:
A few friends messaged me asking for instructions on how to mount and size an elastic ‘MN’ strap. I made a few photos (last 6 photos here), that I hope will give a first idea. It is easy once you do it once. I would also recommend YouTube where there are many videos that are easier to understand than my photos, obviously.


Black (Black Metal), Black & Red (Black Metal), Black & White, Black & White (Black Metal), Blue (Black Metal), Blue & Red (Black Metal), Blue & White (Black Metal), Green & Red (Black Metal), Green & White, Green & White (Black Metal), Green & Yellow (Black Metal), Green Light, Grey, Grey (Black Metal), Grey & Orange, Grey & Orange (Black Metal), Grey & Red, Grey & Red (Black Metal), Grey & White, Grey & White (Black Metal), Khaki, Khaki & Red (Black Metal), Khaki & White, Khaki & White (Black Metal), Orange


Varies, as per listing description


135mm when folded






Elastic fabric



Available sizes

20mm, 22mm


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