Lovely 1940’s MIDO (Swiss) Multifort Luxe Bumper Super Automatic – 17j Mido Cal. 0917


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Professionally inspected in-house by Localtime, a classy MIDO ‘Multifort Luxe’ in a steel calse with rose-gold bezel and the Super Automatic 17j bumper Mido Cal. 0917 which was produced exclusively for Mido with the base plate of the AS Cal. 1131/2 and used from 1935 to 1954.

This caliber was the only large-scale produced regulator featuring a free oscillating hairspring (the end of the spring is fixed between two rollers, actually adjusting its length; no isochronism error from the gap between the regulator pins). I have included many photos, including some closeup snapshots, to allow you to enjoy the lovely details of this fine timepiece. It is wearing one of my own tejus-lizard grain leather straps in dark brown that I also sell separately in my store under item 132794813665 in 16-18-20-22-24mm.

As with all the watches that are handled by Localtime, the BIN price includes a written 6-month written warrantee from the date of purchase. Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have.

Extra: Try my Localtime Tejus lizard-texture Italian leather straps! When looking for a decent quality lizard strap, the choice until now was either a $200 real-lizard one or a $5 poor quality one. These straps are not expensive and the quality is decent, so I’d call them a decent value for your money. I have found them to be very comfortable and a great match especially for dress watches or larger fashion watches that will combine well with this style of straps. They come in 5 sizes [16-18-20-22-24mm], 4 colours and have colour-matching stitching. Their length is approximately 85mm on the buckle end [including the silver-coloured fitted buckle; a second, gold-coloured buckles is included with each strap] and 115mm on the tail end; so not short but not too long either. Please note that silver and gold refers to the buckle colour and not the material. They have two keepers, one of them is fixed and the other one is floating, for a better fit and comfort. I sell these straps separately in my store under item 132794813665. A good quality pair of spring bars is included with each strap. Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have.

Important Note On Condition: Sometimes I am asked what I exactly mean with ‘professionally inspected by Localtime’. Here is my theory on vintage watches: as a purveyor of vintage watches, my effort is to always do only what is needed to the watch. I do not buy ‘junk’ watches to resell. I am choosy with my purchases and always sell watches that are, to my knowledge, authentic and in good condition. I first inspect the watch, both visually (cosmetically) and then mechanically. If I judge that the watch is not yet in need of a full service then I do not put the watch through a service which, by the way, entails a lot of risks too. Instead, I give it what I call my ‘Spa’ treatment which will include a cleaning, changing of gaskets, oiling, lubricating and mechanical testing. If the plexi is heavily scratched or discoloured and it can not be cleaned, I change it. If the crown is wrong or worn, I also change it. Now, if the watch is in need of a full service, then my ‘professionally inspected’ description becomes ‘professionally serviced’. In both cases, I include a written warrantee with my buy it now price and I always describe what I have changed, if anything, on the watch.

Important Note On Straps/Bracelets: The straps I use on my watches [leather, canvas, suede, rubber] are always brand new, unless otherwise mentioned and, in most cases, I also sell them separately in my store, in different colours and sizes. In the case of metal bracelets, if the watch is NOS, the bracelet is also unused. If the watch is pre-owned with its original bracelet, then the bracelet is also pre-owned, unless otherwise mentioned. Either way, if in doubt, please ask.


MIDO (Swiss)

Production Period



Multifort Luxe




Bumper Super Automatic


17j Mido Cal. 0917

Case Material

Stainless Steel & Rose Gold Bezel

Case Back

Stainless Steel

Case Size

34mm case, 36mm including crown at 3h

Lug Width



Pre-Owned & Working With Warrantee

Last Known Service

Inspected by Localtime – December 2018


Free Worldwide


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