Jan. 1971 GUIDUS (Vincenzo Guida, Italy) Sport Super Compressor Diver Watch – AS Cal. 1903


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Surely a head-turner and a conversation watch, this is a rare ‘Sport’ Super Compressor by GUIDUS (Vincenzo Guida, Italy) from January 1971 that, has been professionally and fully serviced in-house here at Localtime.

It is in excellent authentic condition throughout and ready to proudly wear or join your collection. The 42mm (45mm counting either of the two cross-hatched crowns) stainless steel case is in superb and unpolished condition and has only been lightly cleaned (only shows some minor marks on the back. What you see on the side of the case in some photos between 9h & 10h is a smudge that I noticed after I photographed the watch and just wiped it clean after). The blue/orange dial and gorgeous white/blue inner rotating bezel are a feast to the eyes. The automatic AS Cal. 1903 was used by Glycine in many of their models, including the ‘Airman’ and ‘Sport’ models. I have included many photos, including some closeup snapshots I took, just for fun. This lovely watch is fitted with a brand new premium quality blue rubber strap, by Borealis.

As with all the watches we handle inhouse, the listed buy-it-now price includes a 3-month written warranty from the time of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you might need.

Some information from the company’s website: “It all starts in Torre Annunziata, in the post-war period of economic growth of our country.  In 1923 the founder of the brand was born Vincenzo Guida, to whom we owe the strength of a company surely tied to the traditions, but always in step with new trends and technologies. Its activity starts with a passion: to repair watches are no longer functional; being able to restart the hand was for him a great satisfaction! Thus it was born the idea of ​​a small shop which devote himself entirely. His dedication to work, combined with the right amount of ambition, it will soon lead to establish a brand, Guidus, in 1958, which will see a production of watches, symmetrically to a strap production and distribution for major companies in the national scene.  Guidus continues with its expansion physically operating in Naples, in the Goldsmiths Square, widening the Borgo Orefici, where, since the days of Joan Times, gathered the goldsmiths here that they had placed their workshops.  After nearly half a century of activity, the company, the continuation of which entrusted to the sons Antonio and Eliseo, to meet the needs of the period, such as, lack of wide and safe spaces, Guidus, with deliberation of which mainly is characterized, decides diimmergersi Reata in a totally new, IL TARI ‘.  IL TARI ‘, located in Marcianise, Caserta industrial area, preserves the Neapolitan tradition, and at the same time, it meets security requirements, and promotion services.  Today, almost 70 years from the curiosity became passion, since that fateful moment, Vincenzo Guida has restarted the first hands, but the passion of the Guida is to always, preciously innovated by the advent of the third generation.”

Extra: Try my Localtime FKM tropical straps with quick release (last photo), listed separately under ‘Accessories & Straps’.

Important Note: Sometimes I am asked what I exactly mean with ‘professionally inspected by Localtime’. Here is my theory on vintage watches: as a purveyor of vintage watches, my effort is to always do only what is needed to the watch. I do not buy ‘junk’ watches to resell. I am choosy with my purchases and always sell watches that are, to my knowledge, authentic and in good condition. I first inspect the watch, both visually (cosmetically) and then mechanically. If I judge that the watch is not yet in need of a full service then I do not put the watch through a service which, by the way, entails a lot of risks too. Instead, I give it what I call my ‘Spa’ treatment which will include a cleaning, changing of gaskets, oiling, lubricating and mechanical testing. If the plexi is heavily scratched or discoloured and it can not be cleaned, I change it. If the crown is wrong or worn, I also change it. Now, if the watch is in need of a full service, then my ‘professionally inspected’ description becomes ‘professionally serviced’. In both cases, I mention what has been changed (if anything) on the watch and I include a written warranty with my listed price.

Important Note On Straps/Bracelets: The straps I use on my watches (leather, canvas, suede, rubber) are always brand new, unless otherwise mentioned and, in most cases, I also sell them separately in my store, in different colours and sizes. In the case of metal bracelets, if the watch is NOS, the bracelet is also unused. If the watch is pre-owned with its original bracelet, then the bracelet is also pre-owned, unless otherwise mentioned. Either way, if in doubt, please ask.


GUIDUS [Vincenzo Guida, Italy]

Production Period

January 1971


"Sport" Super Compressor


Time, Date, Rotating Inner Bezel




AS Cal. 1903

Case Material

Stainless Steel

Case Back

Stainless Steel

Case Size

42mm case, 45mm including either crown

Lug Width



Working With Warrantee

Last Known Service

Serviced by Localtime – May 2017


Free Worldwide


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