Early 1940’s TIMOR [Swiss] ‘ATP’ Vintage Military Watch – 15j AS Cal. 99B


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Probably one of the most prolific ATP’s, the Timor carried a 15j Timor Cal. 99B which was based on the Peseux Cal. 190. This one is wearing a NOS ‘Regimental’ NATO from the 1950’s [also sold separately under eBay item number 202365816256] and it was professionally inspected by Localtime.

The only part we changed on it is the new plexi. I have included a photo from Konrad Knirim’s renowned book ‘British Military Timepieces’ that describes these watches. ‘Fun’ fact: these little beauties are packed with Radium which was still widely used during that era and still wake up a Geiger-counter. The chromed brass case has signs commensurate with its age. I have made many photos of this beautiful timepiece, including some macro close-up shots, just for fun.

As with all the watches I inspect and test in-house here at the Localtime Spa, the BIN price includes a 3-month written warrantee from the date of purchase. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Important Note On Condition: Sometimes I am asked what I exactly mean with ‘professionally inspected by Localtime’. Here is my theory on vintage watches: as a purveyor of vintage watches, my effort is to always do only what is needed to the watch. I do not buy ‘junk’ watches to resell. I am choosy with my purchases and always sell watches that are, to my knowledge, authentic and in good condition. I first inspect the watch, both visually (cosmetically) and then mechanically. If I judge that the watch is not yet in need of a full service then I do not put the watch through a service which, by the way, entails a lot of risks too. Instead, I give it what I call my ‘Spa’ treatment which will include a cleaning, changing of gaskets, oiling, lubricating and mechanical testing. If the plexi is heavily scratched or discoloured and it can not be cleaned, I change it. If the crown is wrong or worn, I also change it. Now, if the watch is in need of a full service, then my ‘professionally inspected’ description becomes ‘professionally serviced’. In both cases, I include a written warrantee with my buy it now price and I always describe what I have changed, if anything, on the watch.

Important Note On Straps/Bracelets: The straps I use on my watches [leather, canvas, suede, rubber] are always brand new, unless otherwise mentioned and, in most cases, I also sell them separately in my store, in different colours and sizes. In the case of metal bracelets, if the watch is NOS, the bracelet is also unused. If the watch is pre-owned with its original bracelet, then the bracelet is also pre-owned, unless otherwise mentioned. Either way, if in doubt, please ask.

Extra: Check out these NOS ‘Regimental’ straps! I bought these straps from a watchmaker whose father was the watchmaker for the British Garrison here in Cyprus during the 1950’s. They are NOS and in excellent condition. Unlike their modern cousins, they are a bit shorter [23cm including the buckle] so on most wrists there is no need to ‘fold the tail’. Instead of metal keepers, they have one wide keeper. Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have. You can see them in the last photo here and they can be purchased separately from my eBay store under eBay item number 202365816256.


TIMOR Watch Co. SA [Swiss]

Production Period



WW2 ATM [Army Trade Pattern]


Time, Sub-Seconds at 6h




15j Timor Cal. 99B

Case Material

Chromed Brass

Case Back

Stainless Steel

Case Size

31mm case, 33mm including crown at 3h

Lug Width



Pre-Owned & Working With Warrantee

Last Known Service

Inspected by Localtime – August 2018


Free Worldwide


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