Folding Deployment Premium Calf Leather Straps Crocodile Corfam Perforated Plain – 18 19 20 22mm

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I am extremely excited about this wonderful new line of straps! We all fear the time when its time to change the strap on one of our nicer watches and the local AD will quote us something in the region of $300 plus. Now there are nice alternatives. These straps are not expensive, the quality is great and the colour combinations are beautiful. I have found them to be very comfortable and a great match especially for dress watches and chronographs that will combine well with this style of straps. They come in 4 sizes (18-19-20-22mm), and 3 styles (plain smooth, perforated smooth and croc-grain). The choices of leather colour and stitch colour are enough to cover your every wish. Their length is approximately 80/115mm excluding the buckle. These straps are designed for the style of clasp buckle where the tail of the strap folds and slides under the shorter end of the strap, negating the need for pin holes or strap keepers. For this, choose the Cartier-style clasp. If you want to use the Omega-style clasp, I will open a hole on the strap for you and if you need more holes, you will need to do them yourself. A good quality pair of spring bars is included with each strap. Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will include a buckle of your choice, both are great quality.  If I do not receive a note from you, I will include a steel folding deployment buckle (one of the two styles, randomly and depending on my stock) for you with each strap, in case you do not want to use the one from your watch, or just need one. If you prefer a yellow-gold one instead, please make a note for me in the payment, otherwise I will send the ‘default’ steel one. You can see these buckles in the photos.


Black & Black Croc, Black & Black Perforated, Black & Black Plain, Black & Blue Croc, Black & Orange Croc, Black & Red Croc, Black & Red Perforated, Black & White Croc, Black & White Perforated, Blue & Blue Perforated, Blue & White Perforated, Brown & Brown Croc, Brown & Brown Perforated, Brown & White Croc, Brown & White Perforated




80/115mm excluding Buckle


Stainless Steel


5.80mm thin down to 3mm


Premium Italian Calf Leather



Available sizes

18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm


Free Worldwide


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