BNIB Genuine BERGEON (Swiss) Watch Strap & Bracelet Change & Adjust Tool & Extra Ends

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The Ref. 5767, 6767 and 7767 spring bar tools from Bergeon are the most popular models used by watchmakers and watch collectors worldwide and they come with Fine (F) or Standard (S) ends. One end is a pin, for watches with holes cases and the other end is a fork for watches with no-hole cases. When you choose to buy any of the 3 tool references, it will arrive to you with both ends attached as in the photos. You can choose between Fine and Standard. As an extra, you can also choose to include some extra ends, just in case one breaks. All end tips are interchangeable and this means that they will fit all 3 of these tool models.

HOT TIP: here is how my set up is: I use two tools (one with both F ends and one with both S ends) BUT I have switched the ends around so that one tool has pins on both sides (F & S) and the other tool has forks on both sides (F & S).


5767 Fine Tool, 5767 Standard Tool, 6767 Fine Tool, 6767 Standard Tool, 7767 Fine Tool, 7767 Standard Tool, Fork End (Fine), Fork End (Standard), Pin End (Fine), Pin End (Standard)


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