Armoured Ring Plexiglass for Vintage 38mm Diver & Chronograph Aquastar Case Watches



I like 38mm-cased Aquastar-style divers and chronographs a lot. Both personally and to buy/sell. Because they are waterproof, finding the correct size for a specific watch has always been a little bit of an adventure (we service a lot of them) so after trying many types I have settled down to one that works great. Its a tall plexi with a chromed armoured ring. There are many sizes to choose from because the main difference from one watch to another is the bezel, that affects the exact size of the plexi. I therefore decided to make these available for people that are either about to service their watch or for those that just want to keep a couple with their watch(es) for a future need. A correctly-fitted plexi is of paramount importance for your watch. With your purchase you will receive 1 (one) plexiglass of the size you choose. Any watches you see in the photos are for presentation purposes only. Please note that I do not accept returns for such parts.

Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you might have.


Ø31.20mm, Ø31.30mm, Ø31.40mm, Ø31.50mm, Ø31.60mm, Ø31.70mm, Ø31.80mm, Ø31.90mm, Ø32.00mm


Armoured Plexiglass


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