4 x Good Quality Hard Plastic Storage Round Container Screw Top Pot Box Small Parts In 4 Fitting Sizes

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If you are a collector, you have probably amassed many small items that, at some point, do not know how to store so that they are safe and, above all, you do not loose them. These pot containers will help you keep everything safely stored. They are made of clear hard plastic, they are round in shape and have a screw-top rim. Please do note that I do not accept returns for such items. You can buy them in bundles of 4 in 4 sizes, or a bundle of 4 different sizes (one of each size). Because of their size, their biggest cost is shipping, but because they all fit into each other (see photos) its advisable to buy them in sets of 4 (one per size).

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1 of each size (x4), Extra Large (x4), Large (x4), Medium (x4), Small (x4)


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