3 x Plastic Extendable Storage Boxes Perfect To Store Tools, Parts & Other Items

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These small, but extendable containers will help you keep everything safely stored. Perfect for watch tools like strap-changing tools, screwdrivers, filers but also for pen refills, etc. The price includes 3 boxes of the same size you select. The dimensions work as follows: 10 x 10mm (120 x 205mm) means that the tube is 10mm x 10mm and its 120mm long when its closed and a maximum of 205mm when extended. There is also an option for 4 boxes, consisting of one of each size. Do remember that we do not accept returns for such items. 

Choose from the drop down menu and do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have.

Available sizes

1 Of Each (Total 4), 10 x 10mm (120 x 205mm), 12 x 12mm (50 x 85mm), 12 x 12mm (75 x 130mm), 25 x 25mm (125 x 215mm)




Soft Plastic


Brand New


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