2 x Caseback Gaskets for Vintage DOXA (Swiss) Sub 300 Series Cushion-Shaped Automatic Watches


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For those of you that know me better, it is no secret how I love and admire vintage DOXA SUBs and I have bought/serviced/sold many of them over the years. A common problem I see in them is that they usually come to me with the wrong caseback gasket or no gasket at all. The main reason for this is that vintage DOXAs of the SUB 200-300 series (Professional, Sharkhunter, Searambler, Divingstar, T-Graph, ‘T’, ‘no-T’) take the (possibly) thickest gasket I have ever seen in vintage diving watches. Its uncommon size makes it very hard to find and I therefore decided to make these available for people that are either about to service their watch or for those that just want to keep a couple with their watch(es) for a future need. A correctly-fitted gasket is of paramount importance for your watch. With your purchase you will receive 2 caseback gaskets that will correctly fit your SUB. Any watches you see in the photo are for presentation purposes only. Please note that I do not accept returns for such parts.

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Doxa Professional, Sharkhunter, Searambler, Divingstar, T-Graph


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