1 x Diver Watch Rubber & Viton Case Gaskets 2mm Thick 25-36mm Diameter Service Part

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Many of the deep waterproof rated dive watches take thick gaskets that are not always easy to find. 2mm is their usual thickness (rounded) and they will work on watch cases with 1.50mm to 2.5mm gasket channels. They come in diameters ranging from 25mm to 36mm and this diameter is the inner measurement of the gasket (or watch case channel). Rubber was and still is a very dependable and widely used material. In the next few years, Dupont also released VITON, which is a new generation material, with even higher specs than rubber (Viton is a brand name of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomers. The name Viton is given for FKM compounds (fluorocarbon compounds). These polymer materials are useful in seals, o-rings, gaskets and other moulded or extruded goods). Please note that both rubber and viton gaskets come in several colours (black, brown, green, clear, etc.). We usually stock black rubber and brown viton gaskets but it might happen that you receive a different colour than in the photos as it depends on stock availability. As returns for such products are not accepted, please measure your watch case and choose from the drop down menu so you are sure you are choosing the right size. Price is for 1 (one) gasket. % discount (-20%) is available for multi-buys.

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